The following Classmates & Businesses have donated Cash, Supplies & Services to make Our Reunion possible. The Committee thanks these individuals for their kindness and generosity. 

Sally Goldenberg

Larry Price

 Harry Saunders

Vicki Hubler

Judy Bugger

Sharon Marley

Joan Bueschen

Ann Bosworth

Tom Bell

Linda Weihl

Marianne Walther

Keith Freeman

Barb Saul

Barb Wittlich

Terry Yocks

Randee Marshall

Gale Spirtas

Brenda Spirtas

Glenn Mueller

Gloria Hawthorne

George Chaffee

Nikki Brunsman

Rick Fuess

Betty Dehn & Roger Mueller

Building Products

Roosevelt School Class Reunion

State Construction in O'Fallon, Illinois

Carol Mahan

Mary Lou Diesel Hascall

June Dunning

Gil Stapf

Gary Kombrink

Bev Brady

Art Mann

Corky (Corliss) Sauer

Belle Waldfogel

Barb Muehlhauser

Gilberta (Jean) Miller

Karen Lodney

Ann Young

Toby Botkin

David Buckley

Donna Gent

Jim Isselhardt

Sally McCaffree

Cora Lee Schneider

Mike Tiemann

Jack Wittlich

Mike McCormick

Jim Isselhardt

Bob Farwell

Lou Ann Goetz













If you would like to donate, please see Payment Information at the bottom of the Reservation Form